Well, hello there! My name is Desiree, and I am a unique Vegas escort in that I am also employed as a burlesque dancer here in Las Vegas. The art of the tease is my forte. I love performing on stage, but enjoy the erotic one-on-one encounters I indulge in when working as an escort in Las Vegas. Being afforded the opportunity to be just a little more naughty in person than I am on stage is the ultimate turn-on for me. I am a commanding 5’8”, 134 pounds and have the perkiest 36DD breasts you will want to devour. Skilled in seduction, I am a real treat for men with an affinity for smooth and endless legs, a tight tush and full, luscious lips.

Dressing up in my finest corsets, gloves and hosiery is a joy to me. I love to present myself as a living doll ready to captivate you with my fluid motions and hypnotic maneuvers. If you are familiar with the art of burlesque, you know it is teasingly naughty and such a fun time. I am 26 years old and have been performing burlesque since the age of 19. You might say I have an extreme appetite for attention which is why working as an escort in Las Vegas is such a joy to me. When I know you are captivated, I am at my best. As the corners of your mouth form a shy smile, I take that as a cue to release the passion in me. Approval is an aphrodisiac, and I guarantee you will be nodding in approval when you are experiencing my highly erotic display of the finest in private burlesque.

Burlesque is not for everybody, and some of my most fun clients request a little less of a costume as they want to get to the good stuff without delay. Such a situation is just fine with me because I want you to be satisfied, and selecting from my other wardrobe of sexy ensembles equates to fun for both of us. No matter what I am wearing, we both know it is not the clothes that make the girl. You will be treated to my teasingly eloquent moves no matter what I am wearing. I do not need a corset wrapped around this thin body to release the woman in me.

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